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 Home insurance claims can range in expensiveness, type, and destruction. However, some of the most popular and pricey home insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale are dedicated to the three natural elements, wind, fire, and water. Florida is an interesting state, as it is known for its sunshine almost all year round. Alternatively, South Florida is also home to damaging natural disasters. Therefore, it’s important to know that seasoned professionals are available file these claims, giving peace of mind and ease.   

Damage Claims Adjusters Can Help!

The first element has to do with wind, and though it is difficult to see, the destruction it can leave behind is rather noticeable. Fort Lauderdale is home to hurricanes of massive proportions, with wind speeds reaching up to 185 miles per hour. The second element is fire, and though fire can be naturally occurring or through a cooking accident, it remains one of the most common home insurance claims in Miami. Last but certainly not least, the element of water causes millions of dollars of damages each year. Water is perhaps one of the most destructive forces on the planet, as it can leave behind mold and mildew. Florida, the most tropical state in America, is drenched annually in almost 60 inches of rain. If roofs are not secure, these torrential rainfalls can lead to serious trouble. Pipe leaks are another common cause of water damage in Florida.  

At Zipris LaValle PA, we know that many Floridians have already dealt with their fair share of home insurance claims. Luckily, hiring professional assistance can lessen the weight of filing. If you’ve been a victim of the elements and are looking to file home insurance claims, see how our team of experienced experts can help you file, document, schedule inspections, and receive the maximum amount your insurance policy entitles you to. Call us today if you need a Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claim Attorney! 

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