Fire Damage Claims North Miami

When most people think of Miami, they think of South Beach and Art Deco style buildings. But, there is another concern around the city, and that’s with the property damages which occurs throughout The Magic City. At Zipris LaValle PA, we’re here to help with fire damage claims in Miami for your home, your business, your yacht, your warehouse or any other property. Miami’s fire rescue department was formally created in 1898, when the city was largely constructed of wood. The city’s fire department has grown by leaps and bounds, with 15 stations currently in operation. While the fire department can help save your property by putting out any fires, they cannot undo the damage that’s been done by a blaze. For that, you can count on our experts at Zipris LaValle PA to help with your fire damage claims in Miami.

How do fire damage claims in Miami help?

Fires can move quickly and cause catastrophic damage. In the wake of a fire, you may be facing many different types of damages. Fire often leaves many issues in its wake, including:

  • Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Mold Damage

Fire and smoke damage go hand in hand. Smoke damage may become even more pervasive than fire damage, spreading throughout an entire building even if the fire has been contained to one area. Water and mold damage often come along with fire damage. This is because water is typically the tool that puts a fire out, and if it’s not cleaned up quickly, resulting damage can occur.

Many people choose to file fire damage claims in Miami to help recoup funds to cover repairs and remediation services. Perhaps you assume that your insurance company will pay your claim properly. But, this is rarely the case. Many insurance companies work hard to offer as little as possible for fire dame claims in Miami. Your insurer has attorneys, public adjusters and engineers working to defend the company’s best interests. Who is defending your best interests as the policyholder? Our professionals at Zipris LaValle PA are here to help.

How can Zipris LaValle PA help with fire damage claims in Miami?

At Zipris LaValle PA, our team of attorneys, public adjusters and engineers is here to fight for you. We can advocate, negotiate and litigate on your behalf for your fire damage claims in Miami. We can work to get you the best possible settlement for your claim. Whether you have a new claim, a denied claim or an underpaid claim, our team at Zipris LaValle PA can help. If you are ready to maximize your claim, please call (305) 899-2023.