How to Make the Most Out of Home Insurance Claims

One of the most frustrating elements of home insurance is when you actually need your insurance company, and yet, they seem nowhere to be found. This is hard for homeowners, especially in severe times of need. Homeowners are dependent and reliant on their policies they’ve set into place, but feeling as though one cannot fully rely is a terrifying. At Zipris LaValle, we encourage homeowners to hire a property claim lawyer. If you’re looking for more out of your home insurance claim in Miami, here are a few ways Zipris LaValle can assist.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is waiting until destruction takes place to view the policy. This is a mistake, as many individuals think that they are covered in areas where they are not. For example, many homeowners were victims of this when Hurricane Irma caused chaos across the state of Florida. Many were surprised to find out the flood insurance is an entirely new insurance on it’s own, leaving many families out of luck. At Zipris LaValle, our professional property claim lawyers can assist you with reviewing your policy, while helping your formulate the best plan of action.

Another big mistake that many homeowners make is not documenting the damages well enough, leaving insurance companies to believe that the damages are not as severe as they are. Our property claim lawyers will assist you in making sure that each and every piece of damage has been accounted for.

Yet, a third mistake is that many homeowners decide to start repairing after they’ve documented. This again, is a mistake for multiple reasons. The first is that the insurance company may want to have the area inspected. The second is that it is essential that all traces of the damages have been discovered. Sometimes, homeowners will repair the damages, only to find a few months down the road that the issue was not entirely taken care of.

At Zipris LaValle, we understand how overwhelming these matters are. In fact, only 10% of policyholders end up pursuing insurance companies for their maximum amounts, simply because of the frustration they are already feeling due to damages. Don’t be a victim of insurance delays, underpayment, or withholdings. Instead, call Zipris LaValle. We’ll help you back on your feet, fighting every step of the way on your behalf.

Five Benefits of a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami

In South Florida, our weather conditions can be harsh. This can then lead to property damages such as flooding, lightening strikes, mold, wind damage, and more. Since our homes are our places of rest, rejuvenation, and safety, it’s no wonder why these damages can cause such uneasiness. When disasters strike, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully there are professionals at Zipris LaValle who can help you make those next steps.

Why Do I Need a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are painful to deal with, and the process can be tedious. Generally there are documents to uncover, images to be taken, and accuracy to be expected. This is one of the benefits of using a property claim lawyer in Miami. At Zipris LaValle, our team helps our clients to accurately document any damages, making sure that nothing is missed, and everything is accounted for. Many homeowners think that exaggerating the situation would help give them a better return. However, this only gives the insurance company a reason to withhold your maximum amount.

With a property claim lawyer, you won’t have to worry about the maximum amount, because our professional team will fight for you. Our goal is to be sure that our clients get what they deserve out of their insurance policy. Insurance companies may take advantage of those who decide to file a claim alone, as they know that their team has more knowledge about insurance than the homeowner. This can be seen through complicated wording, and not knowing what to look for. Thankfully, we level the playing field. We have the necessary knowledge, commitment, and drive to be sure that you are paid correctly.

At Zipris LaValle, we’ll assist in handling your claim in a timely manner, while continuously keeping you in the know. We understand how overwhelming damages to our homes can be. Allow our highly qualified property claim lawyers in Miami to take one less worry off of your hands, giving you the time to be with your family and focus on other priorities. Insurance should be something to depend on, and if they’re not, we are. Call us today!

Three Things to Know About Mold Damage Claims in Miami

Famous for our warm, damp, everglade weather, Florida is home to moisture almost all year round. This is what makes us a beautiful vacation location for snowbirds, but what many don’t know is how harsh the moisture and humidity can be on our homes. Mold grows quickly in wet areas, meaning that if you’ve been a victim of leaking faucets, broken pipes, or roof leaks, chances are you know all about mold. Mold and mildew are expensive to treat once they’ve made themselves guests in your home. At Zipris LaValle, we’re here to help.

Mold damage claims are difficult to be fulfilled, simply because insurance companies see mold as a side effect from a greater issue. This is why having a property claim lawyer on your side can be extremely beneficial. Without a professional, there’s a good chance that you will never receive maximum settlement for your mold and mildew problems. Here are a few things to keep in mind about mold damage claims in Miami:

When you’re fighting a mold damage claim, you’ll want to hold on making any permanent repairs. When insurance companies are determining whether or not they want to uphold their end of the deal, they may want to inspect the area. Repairs will lead them to believe that the issue was minimal, even if you know it was not. When you do get the okay to do repairs, we highly recommend hiring a professional. This is because certain types of mold can spread throughout the air.
Part of making sure that you receive your maximum amount comes from documenting efficiently. At Zipris LaValle, we can help you make sure that you’re not missing any important information. We can also assist with the details of the damage, as many homeowners fail to give all of the facts.
One of the biggest benefits to hiring a property damage lawyer is that our professional team can save you infinite amounts of time and stress. When you’re dealing with a crisis at home, the last thing anyone wants to do is negotiate day in and day out with insurance companies. Our attorneys have the knowledge to get your claim processed as fast as possible, while still diligently fighting for your maximum settlement.

Mold and mildew is never easy, nor are the leading factors such as leaks and pipe breaks. Mold can be harmful, so let us take care of the insurance and financials, while you focus on keeping your family safe. Ease and efficiency is only a call away. If you’re looking to file mold damage claims in Miami, call us today. Mold can’t wait!

Can a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami Help Me?

Any interaction with insurance companies can be a hassle, especially when it’s dealing with property damages in Miami. Many individuals in the South Florida area went through this when filing property claims after Irma. Insurance is always a tricky situation, that’s why hiring experts can truly help make the experience easier. Our team doesn’t stop until the job is finished, sticking with our customers every step of the way. With many years of commitment and a respected reputation, Zipris LaValle may be the option for you.

Call Today for Property Damage Help!

You might be wondering what exactly a property claim lawyer in Miami can help you with. At Zipris LaValle, we offer different services for different situations. Many people think that handling insurance claims on their own is a good idea, however, we advice against this, as there are plenty of benefits to hiring a true professional. We handle multiple types of insurance claims such as vandalism, water damage, flood damage, hurricanes, fire damage, mold, roof leakage, bursting pipes, and more. When hiring a property lawyer, damage claims get taken care of quicker, allowing you to continue with your life, and letting us do what we do best.

Insurance companies can use complicated language, which can be extremely confusing to those who have never dealt with them before. Thankfully, we know what we’re looking for and we also know how these processes usually go. This gives us a huge advantage when dealing with insurance companies and their complicated wording. We also will thoroughly assess your insurance policy, mapping out the best available options. With this information, we can then be sure you’re getting back the maximum amount you deserve.

At Zipris LaValle, our team keeps our clients involved every step of the way. When you’re not talking to the insurance companies directly, we understand how nervous and anxious that can leave you. That’s why our team documents every detail, allowing you to be a part of the process. Call our property claim lawyers in Miami today to help file these claims quickly. When disaster strikes, the most important thing is that you focus on rebuilding your company or home, leaving our professionals to deal with the insurance.

What to Know About Roof Leak Insurance Claims in Miami

Welcome to southern Florida, where wind, rain, and mold are a common topic of conversation. This means that roof leaks are also common. It can be difficult to know when you can file an insurance claim due to a leaking roof, as insurance companies certainly don’t make the process easy. However, hiring a professional like Zipris LaValle can make this experience less of hassle, allowing you to take care of the issue at hand.

Roof leaks can happen for many different reasons. As mentioned, Florida can produce some pretty chaotic weather, with high winds and numerous inches of rain. These natural occurrences can cause shingles or tiles to fly from the base of your roof, leaving the inside of your home vulnerable to severe water damage. With tropical storms being another natural hazard, lightening can strike within close proximities, also causing disruption to the structure of your shelter. When high winds strike, trees in the area can fall, producing critical damage to your home’s roof. These are just a few examples of how roof leaks can start, and ultimately destroy an entire home if this issue isn’t fixed soon enough.

Is your Roof Leaking? Call an Insurance Adjuster!

Time is certainly important when dealing with any type of leak, but when a leaking roof threatens the internal belongings of a home, this can cause a family or business extreme stress. When water damage is not fixed in a timely manner, Florida’s warm, damp climate fosters excellent conditions for mold to grow, which presents a very real danger to those in the property. It’s important to catch these damages early, simply because mold is a tough base for an insurance claim. Usually, one would have better luck identifying the cause of roof leakage, and listing mold as an unfortunate consequence.

A mistake many homeowners make, is thinking that an insurance company will honor their policies even if they’ve neglected their homes upkeep. Doing an inspection at least once a year can ease you into knowing that your home and it’s structure is in the best condition possible. Then, if anything were to go wrong, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your home has a better chance of being covered.

Of course, keeping an eye out for minimal damages could prove to be beneficial for the future, but there are moments when insurance companies simply do not uphold their side of the policy. That’s why we’re here. As experts in our field and with a determined approach, we help make sure that you get the maximum amount that you deserve from your insurance company. If you’re considering filing a roof leak insurance claim in Miami, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team works with you, giving you more time to focus on what’s necessary, while still keeping you informed every step of the way.

How Do I File an Insurance Claim in Miami?

In South Florida, Hurricane Irma struck the coast without remorse. This left thousands of Floridians with massive damages from Irma’s powerful winds. As many tried to reach their insurance companies days after, many were deprived of the claims they filed, being turned away and left to deal with the destruction on their own. This is just one example of how home insurance policies can sometimes not withhold their side of the agreement. This is exactly why having a professional who understand the ins and outs of filing insurance claims in Miami is helpful.

Other than devastating hurricanes, homeowners insurance could cover natural disasters such as fires, lightening, hail and more. It’s important to note however that disasters such as flooding may not be covered. When massive natural disasters strike, insurance companies can find flaws, which result in simply not paying those who are entitled to their policies. In doing this, many individuals give up because they assume that no is the final answer. That’s when bringing in highly qualified and skilled professionals can make a huge difference.

Call Today for Insurance Claims in Miami!

Our team can help in a number of different ways, but our main goal is to dispute those insurance claims that have been turned down in order to make sure you receive the correct amount your policy states you are entitled to. Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle, especially because of the confusing language that they so often use. When you are not aware of the lingo, the conversations become incredibly one-sided and difficult to win. That’s why having someone on your side allows you the freedom to focus with the disaster at hand.

One of the major issues when dealing with home insurance claims is validating that the damage is, in fact, covered by the policy. Sometimes, insurance customers will assume they have certain coverage, when perhaps they do not. With five different types of coverage, it can get confusing, so allowing our team to assess what your policy truly covers can save you unnecessary time and stress.

Insurance companies are significantly benefited from avoiding payments, which in turn saves them more money. They can easily disagree with your statements, saying that instead of natural damages, the destruction is caused by something else that isn’t covered by your policy. Unfortunately, this is common, and this can also leave policyholders feeling as if they have no choice. At Zipris LaValle, we believe there are options and we also believe that you are entitled to what you deserve. If you’re looking into filing a home insurance claim in Miami, call our professionals, and see what our dedication and determination can do for you.

Can I Make a Water Damage Claim in Miami?

In the tropics, we’re no strangers to water damage. From tropical storms, to hurricanes, to molded areas, and leaky roofing, these are all things many of us as Floridians have experienced. This also means that Florida can file their fair share of water damage claims. At Zipris LaValle, our team of attorneys, engineers and public adjusters work together to make sure that you’re getting what your policy guarantees, even if you’re insurance company has already said, no.

Call today for a Water Damage Claim!

There are multiple different ways that you could be filing a water damage claim in Miami. One of the most common reasons, and most concerning, is due to roof damages. Roof damages can be caused by a number of things, such as natural weather conditions, or non-weather related events such as vandalism. South Florida is known for it’s intense rainy and windy hurricane seasons. Though the building codes are strict, sometimes Mother Nature is simply too much, ripping shingles and tiles from roofs. This leaves the interior of the roofing exposed, and if the rain comes with the wind, this can leave the inside of the property drenched. Our roofs cover all of our personal belongings, and when our shelters aren’t properly stabilized, time is of the essence to get them fixed.

Another frequent cause to water damage comes from leaking pipes. This can turn your life upside down overnight, whether the leak is coming from the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. Unfortunately water damage leaves residue and mold, especially in the famous Florida heat. That’s why having a plan in place for potential water damage can prove to be extremely helpful, as the quicker you can get your residence back to normal, the lesser the chances of additional maintenance and expenses. It’s also important to note that mold alone is a complicated issue to file a claim for, as it is usually caused by other water damage somewhere else. This is why knowing where the source of the mold came from can really help make the insurance experience easier. However, in these types of claims, it’s better to hire professionals to help.

Florida’s rainy season also brings massive amounts of flooding, uprooting people from their homes and leaving them unsure of what to do. When the flooding goes down, their homes are in shambles and their belongings are ruined. At Zipris LaValle, we’re very familiar with these types of claims and we fight for the replacement of home basics, such as carpets, baseboards, and paint. It is important to note however that flood insurance must be purchased along with homeowners insurance.

At Zipris LaValle, we understand how scary and overwhelming water damage can be. Our team is highly qualified and can help you assess your policy, taking care of the insurance while you focus on your properties. If you’re looking into filing a water damage claim in Miami, call us and see how our professionals can help.

Will My Insurance Company Deny My Roof Leak Insurance Claim in Miami?

At Zipris LaValle PA, we know it’s crucial to have a strong roof overhead. But, that doesn’t mean that roof damage is impossible. Are you filing a roof leak insurance claim in Miami? Have you already filed a claim? At Zipris LaValle PA, we’re here to provide comprehensive assistance for many insurance claims. We’re specialists when it comes to making the most of your roof leak insurance claim. If you’re ready to maximize your claim, contact our team at Zipris LaValle PA! 

Why call in the help of experts for my roof leak insurance claim in Miami?

Many people assume they can take care of their insurance claims themselves. But, this can often be troublesome. This is because insurance companies have made policies as complex as possible. These complexities can make claims difficult to handle. But with the right guidance for your claim, you can maximize your settlement. At Zipris LaValle PA, our experts are here to help with your roof leak insurance claim in Miami. Roofing leaks can be caused by many issues, including wear, storms and tornadoes. Roofing leaks can cause other problems: 

  • Water Damage 
  • Mold Damage 
  • Electronics Damage 
  • Structural Damage 

Repairing these and other damages related to roofing leaks often starts with a roof leak insurance claim in Miami. But it’s important to make sure that your insurance company properly pays your claim. At Zipris LaValle PA, we can help maximize your claim. We’ll properly document your damages and fully assess your policy coverage. Then, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to get the most for your claim.  

What other claims can Zipris LaValle PA help with? 

Our engineers, public adjusters and property damage attorneys at Zipris LaValle PA can help with many claim types. We can advocate for your best interests for roof leak insurance claims in Miami. We also work with flood damage, storm damage and other claim types. 

Many insurance companies try to deny or underpay claims. They may say that your damages could have been prevented, or they may say that your damages aren’t substantiated. But at Zipris LaValle PA, we’re here to help fight for your best interests. We can work with new claims, denied claims or underpaid claims. We take a personalized approach to your claims process, fighting for your best interests. Don’t let your insurance company underpay or deny your claim. Call our team at Zipris LaValle PA today for the best help with your roof leak insurance claim in Miami.  

Can a Property Damage Attorney in Miami Fight My Denied Claim?

You’ve been paying your insurance company faithfully, assuming that your insurance company will provide your coverage if the time ever comes. But sadly, many people are realizing that insurance companies aren’t exactly in the business of paying claims. Many companies underpay or deny claims. But even if your claim has been denied or underpaid, you can still fight back. With the help of a knowledgeable property damage attorney in Miami from our team at Zipris LaValle PA, you can fight for your rightful claim settlement. 

How can a property damage attorney in Miami help me?

Understanding the complexities of your home insurance coverage can require a law degree within itself. At Zipris LaValle PA, we offer comprehensive assistance for your claims processes. The guidance and representation of a knowledgeable property damage attorney in Miami can make all the difference for your claim! We work with many claim types, such as: 

  • Roof Leaks 
  • Fire Damage 
  • Mold Damage 
  • Smoke Damage 
  • Mold Damage 
  • Flooding  
  • Pipe Bursts 
  • Storm Damage  
  • & More 

We work with new claims, underpaid claims and denied claims as well. Denied claims can be difficult to face, but you don’t have to put up with the issues on your own. Our Miami property damage attorney can fight for your best interests. At Zipris LaValle PA, we can help you understand your insurance coverage. Then, we can help you through the insurance process. We can assist in starting your claim or appealing denied and underpaid claims.  

How can I fight a denied claim?

Fighting your denied claim starts by working with a knowledgeable property damage attorney in Miami. Our team of attorneys, engineers and public adjusters at Zipris LaValle PA can help fight for your claim. We do this by: 

  • Documenting your damages 
  • Listening to your concerns 
  • Providing vigorous advocacy  
  • Negotiating with your insurer on your behalf 

At Zipris LaValle PA, we’re not afraid to do what’s necessary for your claim. Whether you need public adjusting services or you need a lawyer for a lawsuit regarding your claim, we are proud to help. We offer comprehensive support for your claims process, giving you the guidance and assistance you need to maximize your claim.  

How can I get started?

Are you ready to fight for your rightful claim settlement? Give our team at Zipris LaValle PA a call! Our public adjusters, engineers and property damage attorneys in Miami are here to help you. We can maximize your claim! Whether you have a new claim or a denied claim, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started.  

How to Fry a Turkey Safely, Tips from a Property Damage Attorney in Miami

As Thanksgiving draws closer, many people are concerned with making sure they’ve got the perfect recipe! For many families, this means preparing a unique fried turkey! But at Zipris LaValle PA¸ we’ve seen our fair share of damages caused by turkey frying mishaps. Our property damage attorney in Miami has put together some top tips for attempting a turkey fry safely. If you’re frying a turkey this Thanksgiving, check out our safety tips first! 

How can a property damage attorney in Miami help me safely fry a turkey?

At Zipris LaValle PA, we understand how truly damaging cooking mishaps can be. We work with many claim types, helping our clients get the most for their insurance claims. Cooking mishaps can create major damages, but our team at Zipris LaValle PA can help. Whether you work with an engineer, public adjuster or property damage attorney in Miami from our team, you can count on our dependable services. We’ll fight to maximize your claim settlement!  

Of course, most people would prefer avoiding home damages in the first place. Our property damage attorney in Miami has put together some top tips for safely preparing a fried turkey this Thanksgiving: 

  • Keep your distance. Frying a turkey can be serious business, so it’s important to do so at a safe distance. We suggest frying at least 10 feet away from your home or other structures. If there are any mishaps, this 10 foot distance will help prevent further damage.  
  • Make sure your bird is thawed. A turkey that is not properly thawed or dried can create a major fire hazard. We all know what happens when oil and water react. Now imagine this reaction with a large turkey. Make sure that your turkey is thawed and fully dry before frying.  
  • Keep it level. Make sure that you’re cooking on level ground! The oil you’ll use for frying can get very hot, and the smallest spill can become a fire or personal injury hazard. Make sure you’re preparing on level ground. If you do not have a perfectly level surface, considering using bricks or other sturdy materials to create a level surface. 

If you’re preparing dinner this Thanksgiving, make sure to keep your home safety in mind. Fire safety tips are crucial to help prevent major damages. If you do wind up facing home damages, give our team at Zipris LaValle PA a call for comprehensive assistance with your claim.