Educating Policyholders on Home Insurance Claims in Miami

Education is part of life and learning about home insurance claims in Miami is no exception. Though nobody plans for their home to suffer damage during mega-storms like Irma, the reality is that they can happen to anybody. Luckily, there are a few precautions homeowners, and business owners can take before the first hurricane to help their possible claims be hassle-free.

Pre-Hurricane Preparation for Home Insurance Claims in Miami

The first step is to have an inspection and to take inventory of everything in the home. Making a list of your belongings can help make the proof of losses process easier. Additionally, an inspection helps to show insurance companies that the house is up-to-date and well-maintained in case it sustains damage. Making sure that there is a copy, or three, of the insurance policy can also be helpful. Reviewing it can save any heartache or confirm any pre-conceived expectations. A claims lawyer can help homeowners get a better idea of what is covered, and what’s not.

After a hurricane, make sure to report everything immediately. The more time that goes by, the more the insurance company can say that the issue was not significant. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional when dealing with claims, as dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. Unfortunately, there are times where no matter how prepared a homeowner is, insurance companies can still deny or underpay. When this happens, it’s best to reach out to an expert.

Zipris LaValle PA employs aggressive and effective strategies to get their clients the payments they rightfully deserve. Their experts show insurance companies what they owe you and why instead of allowing the insurance companies to dictate the value and pace of your claim.

If you’re struggling with a denied insurance claim, reach out to Zipris LaValle PA. For expert help in dealing with home insurance claims in Miami, call 305-676-8906 today.

Tips on Preparing for a Hurricane from a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami

It’s hurricane season once again, and that means hunkering down and preparing with tips from a property claim lawyer in Miami. There are multiple ways to save a home from destruction, though Mother Nature is sometimes stronger than all efforts put together. Nonetheless, taking all of the appropriate, preventative actions can drastically decrease the possibility of damage, leaving everyone happier and safer.

Hurricane Checklist 101: Property Claim Lawyer in Miami

The first order of business is protecting the most vulnerable part of the home: windows. Windows are susceptible to shattering, so installing storm shutters is a must. Alternatively, deciding to replace windows with hurricane windows is perhaps a better move, as they require less work, look more appealing, and can decrease insurance premiums. Roofs are the second most sensitive areas of a home, as shingles and tiles often go missing or chip. Adding hurricane straps or clips can help secure the roof to the home’s frame.

Windows and doors also need seals and caulking that can withstand rushing water or high flood levels. The security breach of delicate lining can lead to a house full of water and potential mold issues. Caulking along windowsills and doors offers structural supports, which again, can be incredibly helpful with strong winds and torrential downpours.

This next step is quite significant, though many property owners tend to take their chances. One of the leading causes of damage to property is fallen trees and branches. Whether they end up on the roof, over the pool, or on the car, the weight of large trees can be detrimental. Trimming trees and shrubs down can help reduce the chances of that happening.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s crucial for policyholders to understand what their insurance covers and what it does not. For example, flood insurance is not part of homeowners insurance. This is a common misconception and can be quite confusing for people who return to a house with floodwaters up to their knees. This hurricane season is projecting to be mild, but that doesn’t mean you won’t end up needing a property claim lawyer in Miami. Insurance companies can be complicated during natural disasters and tend to ignore, underpay, or dismiss claims when they deserve to be paid in full. For all of your hurricane needs this summer, contact Zipris LaValle PA at 305-676-8906. They stand by their clients every step of the way, providing unique insight, perspective, and plans of action. Their creative advocacy allows them to give policyholders the help they deserve. Don’t go on without your maximum settlement. Call Zipris LaValle PA for a team you can trust.

Millions of Homeowners May Benefit from Having a Property Damage Attorney in Miami

As the Atlantic hurricane season begins, CoreLogic’s Storm Surge Report reveals that almost seven million homes may be at risk for property damage this hurricane season. The amount of possible devastation could total up to one trillion dollars. In Florida, a state with a front row seat to oceanic storms, the rebuilding prices are skyrocketing. Between the storm surge, rising water levels, and back-to-back storms, South Florida residents may want to consider a property damage attorney in Miami.

Florida Residents May Need to Hire a Property Damage Attorney in Miami

When it comes to storm damage in Florida, a whopping 2.7 million homes are at risk. Texas and Louisiana fall closely behind. Even with the threat of devastating storm damage, the desire to live on the coasts of Florida, Texas, and Louisiana continues to rise.

While hurricane prediction models show that 2018 may be a busier than average season, home buying on sunny beaches has not slowed down. However, this could mean that an increased number of homeowners will need a reliable property damage lawyer. While severe hurricanes don’t happen every year, there is always a potential an intense storm can form. Homeowners and business owners should take appropriate measures to ensure that their beach-front property stays as safe and secure as possible.

Zipris LaValle PA is familiar with hurricane damage, especially as a top property damage law firm in South Florida. Handling any insurance claim can be a hassle, but with experts available to assist, homeowners and business owners can focus on their family, house, and employees. Regardless of what type of hurricane season it turns out to be, South Florida residents can have peace of mind knowing that Zipris LaValle PA is ready to take their case forward, from start to finish.

Whether you’re frustrated over a denied claim from Hurricane Irma, or you are looking for a lawyer as a precaution, allow a property damage attorney in Miami to evaluate, negotiate, and maximize your claim. Avoid being taken advantage of, call our law office today at 305 – 676 – 8906!

Irma Left Thousands with a Denied Insurance Claim in Miami

Hurricane season is here once again, yet thousands of Floridians have still not heard back about their Hurricane Irma claims. Alternatively, many were denied or given less than accurate settlements. A denied insurance claim in Miami isn’t hard to find, especially if they are close to the water’s edge. Why were there so many denied, ignored, and inadequate settlements from last year’s storm?

How to Deal with a Denied Insurance Claim in Miami

Insurance officials say thousands of claims filed after Hurricane Irma were severely underpaid. Another fraction of the 900,000 claims was denied. Homeowners are usually confused when their insurance claims get turned down. However, understanding why this happens can help to avoid similar circumstances in the future.

One of the most substantial reasons homeowners have their claims denied is because they file for flooding under homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding, as flooding is an entirely separate policy. These terms can get confusing, as flooding can happen for multiple reasons. If a roof flies off a house during a storm, naturally, there will be flooding. However, the insurance company may see it as a simple flood case, and nothing more. It can be challenging to negotiate during stressful times, which is why a lawyer is recommended.

Additionally, claims are denied because of neglect. If a home or business has a leaky roof, the chances of there being a settlement are low. Insurance companies perform inspections to ensure that the area in question was sufficiently cared for before the storm. Having a yearly inspection is also recommended, as it keeps the home or business up to date.

The third mistake many Floridians make is not hiring Zipris LaValle PA right away. After the hurricane, thousands of individuals decided to carry out the claims process on their own, only to be left with a denied insurance claim in Miami. Zipris LaValle PA has attorneys and adjusters available to make sure that their clients get compensated fairly. When a claim has a professional pushing for fairness, insurance companies tend to pay more attention. If your hurricane claim was denied, don’t let another storm season pass by without a proper settlement. Call our experienced property damage attorneys today at 305 – 676 – 8906 to see how you can finally be paid!

Florida Residents are Still Waiting for Their Denied Insurance Claim in Miami

2017 was a record year for devastating hurricanes in Florida. Nearly three-quarters of a million people filed insurance claims after Hurricane Irma. That includes almost 121,000 in Miami-Dade County. One-third of those were denied insurance claims in Miami.

Are you still waiting for your insurance claim to process or suffering from a denied insurance claim in Miami? Contact Zipris LaValle PA today!

If you are a homeowner in Florida and you still have Irma damage, keep in mind that the upcoming hurricane season begins June 1! Be prepared for the next big storm by making sure your damage is fixed, and any outstanding home repairs are complete. If you need a more significant settlement to make repairs fast- call Zipris LaValle Public Adjusters.

While insurance companies were quite overwhelmed at the time, the experts at Zipris LaValle PA understand how, as a homeowner, it can be frustrating and stressful to wait for what is supposed to be guaranteed financial aid. Additionally, for the homeowners who were denied, we can understand that you may be fed up, but do not give up.

The experts at Zipris LaValle PA are here to assist any homeowner who is dealing with a denied insurance claim in Miami. We will look at your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that it was adequately covered and properly handled. If there is any chance for a homeowner’s claim to be re-opened, we are the team to make it happen. We will also help document, litigate, settle, and negotiate so that you will not have to. If you are still waiting for an answer from your insurance company, or your claim is denied, please call Zipris LaValle PA today at (305) 899 – 2023.

To learn more about denied insurance claims in Miami, and if Zipris LaValle can help you, please watch the short video below.

How a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami Can Keep Your Claim from Being Denied

South Florida is home to many natural disasters, including tropical storms, hurricanes, and a top state for ground-touching lightening. Therefore, it’s essential that property owners of any kind are protected by quality insurance. However, will that still ensure that the claims are picked up and treating fairy? Perhaps not, and that’s precisely why you need a quality property claim lawyer in Miami.

Why Claims Get Denied and How a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami Can Help

Hiring a property claim lawyer directly after a disaster will help ensure you avoid many of these common mistakes homeowners and business owners make. Claims get denied for a number of reasons, including not filing in time, not paying the premiums, giving false statements or exaggerated claims, insufficient documenting, and not taking preventative measures before the damage had occurred. An exact example of the last situation would be that your roof had been in need of repair, yet you had refused to do the work. In this situation, the insurance company may be hesitant and may choose to deny the claim.

However, it’s no secret that filing a property claim is not easy. In fact, presenting a property claim is one of the most confusing processes, as there are multiple forms of evidence needed, paperwork needed, and other types of documentation. With a property claim lawyer, all of these stressful tasks can be easily handled by a team deals with property insurance claims on a daily basis. A property claim lawyer can help homeowners and business owners with negotiating and evaluating a strategy.

At Zipris LaValle PA, we’re a company made up of attorneys, public adjusters, and engineers who understand this business inside and out. Regardless of whether it’s an old claim, new claim, or a denied claim, our experts will work diligently on your behalf, striving towards a maximum amount. If you’re looking for a property claim lawyer in Miami, please call us. As residents of South Florida, we’re no strangers to intensities of Mother Nature, but almost all people are strangers to insurance claims. Choose the best of the best for your property claims today!

How to Avoid Filing Mold Insurance Claims in Miami

Homeowners try to avoid serious home damage that costs time and money. Mold and mildew can top that list, as they have the potential to be very dangerous. They can spread rapidly, especially if wet, humid conditions exist. The experts at Zipris LaValle know no one wants to file mold insurance claims in Miami.

Let Zipris LaValle help with your mold insurance claims

Mold insurance claims can be difficult to file, simply because insurance companies see mold and mildew as a result of a more significant issue, such as a leak. That’s why it’s important to provide proof of a leak to make the most out of your settlement. At Zipris LaValle, we know how careful one must be when it comes filing to mold insurance claims in Miami. We offer helpful insight into the world of insurance, helping to level the playing field with insurance companies and homeowners. However, there are preventative steps one can take to ensure that mold and mildew stay away.

First and foremost, it is critical to identify and repair leaks or pipe breaks as soon as possible. If left alone, these leaks combined with Florida’s hot and humid climate can begin spreading mold and mildew throughout your home. Before fixing the leaks, be sure to document them thoroughly, so that you have proof in case you need to file a mold insurance claim.

Mold and mildew also come from leaking roofs, which is why it’s important to do a yearly, or even quarterly roofing inspection to ensure your roof is sound. Because homeowners rarely if ever see the top of their homes, can be tough to know when there’s a leak. Having tiles inspected and repaired when needed, can save you from a possible mold and mildew invasion.

At Zipris LaValle, we’ve seen what can happen when homeowners wait to repair leaks. Though homeowners may think that it’s safe to wait it out, our professionals know that mold and mildew are only a few days away from becoming a serious hazard. Don’t get caught with massive bills, more stress, and mold removals, and if you do, call Zipris LaValle. With the best team available in South Florida, we’ll help you receive your maximum settlement. Avoid filing mold insurance claims in Miami, and take the precautionary measures today!

Let Zipris LaValle handle your roof leak insurance in Miami

What makes us different is that our property claim lawyers will fight endlessly to get the maximum amount your insurance policy allows. Leaking roofs can happen anytime, often leaving no evidence until it’s too late. They can also happen in commercial or residential buildings, despite the materials and roofing styles. During hurricane season, many homeowners and business owners in Florida experience roof leaks. At Zipris LaValle, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with a leak of any sorts, and that’s why we’re here to help with your roof leak insurance in Miami.

Call Zipris LaValle today to help with your roof leak insurance

If you want to make the most out of your roof leak insurance in Miami, there are a few preventative measures you can take. For example, if you have not taken proper care of your roof, then the insurance company will be less likely to give you the maximum amount for your claim, due to negligence. However, if you have annual inspections, repair broken tiles after storms, and take care of your property, then your insurance company is much more likely to help. If your home has a leaking roof, you’ll want to have this claim processed as soon as possible because mold and mildew can occur as a result and that may lead to a more expensive repair.  

No matter what your situation is however, Zipris LaValle can put up a fight to negotiate a better settlement. We’ll help you put together a case that will be hard to turn down. We also you document, file paperwork, cover the details, and talk with insurance companies on your behalf.  

If you’re looking for the most out of your roof leak insurance in Miami, Zipris LaValle can provide the direction, assistance, and help you may be in need. Don’t deal with home damages on your own. We know home and business owners have a lot to take care of throughout their days, so allow the professionals at Zipris LaValle do what we do best. Call (305) – 899 – 2023 today! 

Zipris LaVelle Can Help with Home Insurance Claims in Miami

When you’re dealing with home insurance claims, the stress can be overwhelming. There’s nothing simple about documenting the damages, negotiating with insurance, and fighting for your maximum amount. Dealing with insurance claims can complicate your daily life and take up precious time. With Zipris LaValle, there’s no need to worry. We can help you handle your home insurance claims in Miami, ensuring that your claim is secure, sound, and stable.

Let us help with your home insurance claims in Miami

We make filing home insurance claims easier. Here are three ways we can help:


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a property claim lawyer for your home insurance claims is that we can save homeowners time. Documenting, collecting paperwork, and negotiating with insurance companies can take several hours. Having a professional by your side gives you the space to handle other important matters in your life, while we deal with your claim. Because Zipris LaValle lawyers are some of the best, we work quickly and efficiently. Our knowledge helps move the process along swiftly so that you can start repairs sooner.


Studies show that homeowners who use a property claim lawyer receive more out of their settlement. There are many reasons this is true. Primarily, many insurance companies are difficult to communicate with, and many homeowners eventually give up. We understand the complicated language used by Insurance companies, so we can help you receive the maximum amount of your claim.


Home insurance claims can be complicated. If you have questions, we will provide you with answers. If you have concerns, we will get back to you quickly. You can rest assured we will meet your needs.

If you’re looking to file home insurance claims in Miami, Zipris LaValle has you covered. There’s no need to add additional stress to your daily life. Instead, allow us to do the job we do every day. When your home is threatened by damages, it’s important to know that you have the financial assistance to make them safe again. Don’t wait. Call Zipris LaValle today.

Why Hire a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami?

When it comes to property claims, it’s essential that you hire a professional to make the most out of your settlement. There are many reasons a homeowner or business owner may need a property claim lawyer in Miami. When your home is damaged, it can leave you upset, stressed out, and overwhelmed. At Zipris LaValle, we know that you have a lot going on and that the last thing you want to deal with is another leak or burst pipe.

Our professional team of expert and skilled property claims lawyers in Miami can help

You may think you’ll save money if you decide to fight the claim on your own; however, studies show having a professional property claim lawyer on your side can maximize your settlement.

In Miami, leaks and pipe bursts are common. They can also be expensive to fix, especially if they’ve gone unnoticed for some time. Whether it’s a leaking roof, leaking sink, or a broken pipe, you’ll want to be sure that you get this issue fixed immediately. The humidity in Florida is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. If mold becomes an issue, you may be looking at an expensive repair.

A few other reasons to hire a property claim lawyer in Miami would be fires, flooding, and storm damage. This type of damage is generally more extensive, and destructive. When you’re dealing with destruction on a grand scale, our professionals can help take the weight off your shoulders. Insurance companies are hesitant to pay many claims, which is why you’ll want an expert to fight for the maximum amount that your policy entitles you to.

At Zipris LaValle, we assist homeowners and business owners in a number of ways. We’ll help you document the damages accurately and objectively. We’ll also communicate with insurance companies on your behalf, saving you time and stress. Insurance companies can be difficult, tedious, and unresponsive. With Zipris LaValle, you won’t have to worry about a thing. If you’re in need of a property claim lawyer in Miami, call Zipris LaValle. With many years of experience and expertise, we can help you receive the financial assistance you’ll need to repair your losses. Don’t risk facing insurance claims alone. Call the professionals today!