Handle Fire Damage Claims Miami With the Best

There are very few events scarier than being a victim of a fire. Fires have a way of destroying everything in site in seconds. This is devastating for homeowners and their families, as the damage is extensive and expensive to repair. When everyone is safe, the first item of business is to contact the insurance […]

How to Make the Most Out of Home Insurance Claims

One of the most frustrating elements of home insurance is when you actually need your insurance company, and yet, they seem nowhere to be found. This is hard for homeowners, especially in severe times of need. Homeowners are dependent and reliant on their policies they’ve set into place, but feeling as though one cannot fully […]

Five Benefits of a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami

In South Florida, our weather conditions can be harsh. This can then lead to property damages such as flooding, lightening strikes, mold, wind damage, and more. Since our homes are our places of rest, rejuvenation, and safety, it’s no wonder why these damages can cause such uneasiness. When disasters strike, it can be difficult to […]

Three Things to Know About Mold Damage Claims in Miami

Famous for our warm, damp, everglade weather, Florida is home to moisture almost all year round. This is what makes us a beautiful vacation location for snowbirds, but what many don’t know is how harsh the moisture and humidity can be on our homes. Mold grows quickly in wet areas, meaning that if you’ve been […]

Can a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami Help Me?

Any interaction with insurance companies can be a hassle, especially when it’s dealing with property damages in Miami. Many individuals in the South Florida area went through this when filing property claims after Irma. Insurance is always a tricky situation, that’s why hiring experts can truly help make the experience easier. Our team doesn’t stop […]

What to Know About Roof Leak Insurance Claims in Miami

Welcome to southern Florida, where wind, rain, and mold are a common topic of conversation. This means that roof leaks are also common. It can be difficult to know when you can file an insurance claim due to a leaking roof, as insurance companies certainly don’t make the process easy. However, hiring a professional like […]

How Do I File an Insurance Claim in Miami?

In South Florida, Hurricane Irma struck the coast without remorse. This left thousands of Floridians with massive damages from Irma’s powerful winds. As many tried to reach their insurance companies days after, many were deprived of the claims they filed, being turned away and left to deal with the destruction on their own. This is […]

Can I Make a Water Damage Claim in Miami?

In the tropics, we’re no strangers to water damage. From tropical storms, to hurricanes, to molded areas, and leaky roofing, these are all things many of us as Floridians have experienced. This also means that Florida can file their fair share of water damage claims. At Zipris LaValle, our team of attorneys, engineers and public […]

Will My Insurance Company Deny My Roof Leak Insurance Claim in Miami?

At Zipris LaValle PA, we know it’s crucial to have a strong roof overhead. But, that doesn’t mean that roof damage is impossible. Are you filing a roof leak insurance claim in Miami? Have you already filed a claim? At Zipris LaValle PA, we’re here to provide comprehensive assistance for many insurance claims. We’re specialists when it comes to making the most […]

Can a Property Damage Attorney in Miami Fight My Denied Claim?

You’ve been paying your insurance company faithfully, assuming that your insurance company will provide your coverage if the time ever comes. But sadly, many people are realizing that insurance companies aren’t exactly in the business of paying claims. Many companies underpay or deny claims. But even if your claim has been denied or underpaid, you can still […]