Popular Post Hurricane Questions for a Property Damage Attorney in Miami

There are many issues to deal with in the aftermath of a hurricane. Damage to your home or car, no electricity, and for many people it can be overwhelming. But a property damage attorney in Miami can help. Homeowners typically have many questions have their house is damaged in a storm. But with expert advice, […]

Educating Policyholders on Home Insurance Claims in Miami

Education is part of life and learning about home insurance claims in Miami is no exception. Though nobody plans for their home to suffer damage during mega-storms like Irma, the reality is that they can happen to anybody. Luckily, there are a few precautions homeowners, and business owners can take before the first hurricane to […]

Tips on Preparing for a Hurricane from a Property Claim Lawyer in Miami

It’s hurricane season once again, and that means hunkering down and preparing with tips from a property claim lawyer in Miami. There are multiple ways to save a home from destruction, though Mother Nature is sometimes stronger than all efforts put together. Nonetheless, taking all of the appropriate, preventative actions can drastically decrease the possibility […]

Millions of Homeowners May Benefit from Having a Property Damage Attorney in Miami

As the Atlantic hurricane season begins, CoreLogic’s Storm Surge Report reveals that almost seven million homes may be at risk for property damage this hurricane season. The amount of possible devastation could total up to one trillion dollars. In Florida, a state with a front row seat to oceanic storms, the rebuilding prices are skyrocketing. […]

Irma Left Thousands with a Denied Insurance Claim in Miami

Hurricane season is here once again, yet thousands of Floridians have still not heard back about their Hurricane Irma claims. Alternatively, many were denied or given less than accurate settlements. A denied insurance claim in Miami isn’t hard to find, especially if they are close to the water’s edge. Why were there so many denied, […]

Can Lightening Cause Florida Residents to File for Smoke Damage Claims in Miami?

Lightning can be unpredictable, though, in Florida, ground lightning is more common than in any other state. It’s crucial to precisely understand what lightning is, and interestingly enough, many of us don’t think about the realities of this sharp, electric, current. Essentially, lightning is an atmospheric discharge, which can travel up to one hundred and […]

Florida Residents are Still Waiting for Their Denied Insurance Claim in Miami

2017 was a record year for devastating hurricanes in Florida. Nearly three-quarters of a million people filed insurance claims after Hurricane Irma. That includes almost 121,000 in Miami-Dade County. One-third of those were denied insurance claims in Miami. Are you still waiting for your insurance claim to process or suffering from a denied insurance claim […]

How a Property Damage Attorney in Miami Can Help You this Hurricane Season

2018 hurricane season predictions are out, and it could be another busy year for South Florida. According to experts, hurricane conditions are perfect to experience an above average amount of storms. In fact, researchers at Colorado State University have predicted fourteen named storms, seven hurricanes, and at least three major hurricanes. In a typical storm […]

How Property Claims Lawyers in Miami Can Support You Through Stormy Weather

After all the rain we have experienced lately, you may wonder what your homeowner’s insurance covers and what flood insurance coverage, you have if any. The importance of homeowners insurance is often thrust into the national spotlight when natural disasters happen. In 2017, the U.S. was struck by 16 individual billion-dollar disaster events, resulting in […]