Will My Insurance Company Deny My Roof Leak Insurance Claim in Miami?

At Zipris LaValle PA, we know it’s crucial to have a strong roof overhead. But, that doesn’t mean that roof damage is impossible. Are you filing a roof leak insurance claim in Miami? Have you already filed a claim? At Zipris LaValle PA, we’re here to provide comprehensive assistance for many insurance claims. We’re specialists when it comes to making the most […]

Can a Property Damage Attorney in Miami Fight My Denied Claim?

You’ve been paying your insurance company faithfully, assuming that your insurance company will provide your coverage if the time ever comes. But sadly, many people are realizing that insurance companies aren’t exactly in the business of paying claims. Many companies underpay or deny claims. But even if your claim has been denied or underpaid, you can still […]

How to Fry a Turkey Safely, Tips from a Property Damage Attorney in Miami

As Thanksgiving draws closer, many people are concerned with making sure they’ve got the perfect recipe! For many families, this means preparing a unique fried turkey! But at Zipris LaValle PA¸ we’ve seen our fair share of damages caused by turkey frying mishaps. Our property damage attorney in Miami has put together some top tips for attempting a […]

Thanksgiving Home Safety Tips from Property Claims Lawyers in Miami

Property damage can be expensive, especially during the holiday season. At Zipris LaValle PA, we understand the importance of finding the right help for your property damage claim. If you’re facing property damages, you can count on our property claims lawyers in Miami to fight for your best interests. Of course, avoiding damage in the first place is […]

Who Can Help with My Appliance Leak Insurance Claim in Miami?

When Nathaniel B. Wales and Alfred Mellowes invented the world’s first self-contained refrigerator just over 100 years ago in 1916, homes changed for the better. Appliances have been designed at a breakneck speed, and these appliances bring all kinds of conveniences into our lives. But, what happens when there are problems with these appliances and gadgets? Many appliances, […]

How Can I Maximize Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Miami?

Mold is a common household problem, but it can become a true health hazard as well. Mold needs three main ingredients to thrive: a food source such as your home’s building materials, water and the right warm temperatures. Miami already provides the right temperature and humidity, and a little water damage can kick off the development of […]

How Can I Make Sure My Insurance Company Won’t Deny My Home Insurance Claims in Miami?

Miami is a city that’s home to many attractions, cultures and residents. Also known as “The Magic City” and as the “capital of Latin America,” Miami has a lot to offer. The city is home to many different types of home in many architecture styles, such as midcentury modern, art deco and modern. If your […]

Your Insurance Company is a Monster this Halloween, Call Property Claims Lawyers in Miami!

As Halloween draws closer, everyone starts getting in the spirit by sharing spooky stories and decorating for the holiday. But there are some monsters that don’t just exist in spooky tales. At Zipris LaValle PA¸we know that many insurance companies are scary monsters when it comes to paying for your claim! Far too many companies are focused on paying […]

Should I Call a Public Adjuster for Water Damage Claims in Miami?

As Hurricane Irma passed through the state to the west, she brought plenty of rain and flooding to Miami. Many home and business owners in the city are surprised to learn that their insurance company isn’t interested in paying the most for water damage claims in Miami. At Zipris LaValle PA, we’re here to help you make the most of […]

How Can I Get Paid the Most for Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Miami?

Miami is known for many things, such as its famous sports, universities and buildings. Sadly, it’s also known for its humidity and its hurricanes. Many homes and businesses in the area have suffered from Hurricane Irma damage. Often, when left untreated, water damage can become mold damage. Are you working with mold damage insurance claims […]