There are many issues to deal with in the aftermath of a hurricane. Damage to your home or car, no electricity, and for many people it can be overwhelming. But a property damage attorney in Miami can help. Homeowners typically have many questions have their house is damaged in a storm. But with expert advice, the process can be a bit easier and less daunting.

Understanding Flood Insurance & Avoiding Low Settlement Offers with a Property Damage Attorney Miami

Two of the most common questions are about flood insurance and whether a homeowner should accept low settlements for their insurance companies. Flood insurance is a complicated topic, and insurance companies are often not willing to give in. Unfortunately, what many people don’t know is that flood insurance is its separate insurance and is not part of the traditional homeowner’s insurance. When a massive storm hits, people reach out to their insurers thinking that they will receive financial assistance. Many homeowners are disappointed to learn they must pay to remove water and repair damage themselves. If the source of damage is in question, like with some roof leaks, it is best to hire an attorney.

When it comes to taking low settlement offers, there are mixed reviews. Some people will say that something is better than nothing, but the experts at Zipris LaValle PA say that a lower settlement offer than one deserves is not acceptable. Sometimes it takes a team to ensure that insurance companies pay up maximum amounts, especially when the situation is extreme. Nobody wants to be stuck paying for a repair that could be fully covered.

If you have some questions about your policy or a claim you filed, call Zipris LaValle PA today. Their team will work side by side with you to achieve the financial assistance you need. Don’t go into insurance claims without an expert on your side. Instead, take charge of your insurance claim by hiring a property damage attorney in Miami. Call 305-676-8906 today for cost-effective representation and quality services that can put you back on your feet.