Having a roof over your head provides safety and security, but what about when your roof caves in and you need to file a roof leak insurance claim in Miami? Are you prepared? You may find that your insurance company gives a less than adequate offer or may deny your claim entirely. When this happens, it can be devastating for homeowners and business owners, as the insurance money is what everyone relies on to help pay for repairs. There are a few ways to know if your policy will cover your roof leak insurance claim.

Homeowners Insurance Should Cover a Roof Leak Insurance Claim in Miami

Homeowners insurance should cover a roof leak if a natural source causes the damage. Wind, rain, and storms all qualify as natural sources, though specific factors may make your insurance company reconsider. One of the biggest reasons people do not receive the payment they were hoping for is because of their roof’s state. Roofs that are not taken care of are more susceptible to leaks. Simple rain showers could cause enough damage to file a claim, and that’s not what an insurance company wants to see.

Part of being a responsible homeowner is to take care of your home, and that means checking annually for any damage or weak areas. Missing roof tiles, caving ceilings, or deteriorating shingles can all be signs that it’s time to repair or replace. If an insurance inspector sees that a homeowner neglects their roof, there’s a good chance that they will deny the claim. They may also reject the claim if they feel that the leak has been an issue before, but never received appropriate care.

However, there are times where insurance companies are merely unfair in their judgments. Things especially get tricky when there are falling trees or debris through the roof. Luckily, this is where Zipris LaValle PA comes in to help. Negotiating with insurance companies is never an easy task. The attorneys at Zipris LaValle PA, however, handle these types of cases every day. Their knowledge and experience regarding property damage make them a helpful teammate when securing your maximum settlement. If you’re fearful of a claim being denied or being underpaid, contact 305-676-8906 today. After dealing with a roof leak insurance claim in Miami, it’s time to rebuild and repair with the financial help you deserve.