As the Atlantic hurricane season begins, CoreLogic’s Storm Surge Report reveals that almost seven million homes may be at risk for property damage this hurricane season. The amount of possible devastation could total up to one trillion dollars. In Florida, a state with a front row seat to oceanic storms, the rebuilding prices are skyrocketing. Between the storm surge, rising water levels, and back-to-back storms, South Florida residents may want to consider a property damage attorney in Miami.

Florida Residents May Need to Hire a Property Damage Attorney in Miami

When it comes to storm damage in Florida, a whopping 2.7 million homes are at risk. Texas and Louisiana fall closely behind. Even with the threat of devastating storm damage, the desire to live on the coasts of Florida, Texas, and Louisiana continues to rise.

While hurricane prediction models show that 2018 may be a busier than average season, home buying on sunny beaches has not slowed down. However, this could mean that an increased number of homeowners will need a reliable property damage lawyer. While severe hurricanes don’t happen every year, there is always a potential an intense storm can form. Homeowners and business owners should take appropriate measures to ensure that their beach-front property stays as safe and secure as possible.

Zipris LaValle PA is familiar with hurricane damage, especially as a top property damage law firm in South Florida. Handling any insurance claim can be a hassle, but with experts available to assist, homeowners and business owners can focus on their family, house, and employees. Regardless of what type of hurricane season it turns out to be, South Florida residents can have peace of mind knowing that Zipris LaValle PA is ready to take their case forward, from start to finish.

Whether you’re frustrated over a denied claim from Hurricane Irma, or you are looking for a lawyer as a precaution, allow a property damage attorney in Miami to evaluate, negotiate, and maximize your claim. Avoid being taken advantage of, call our law office today at 305 – 676 – 8906!