Hurricane season is here once again, yet thousands of Floridians have still not heard back about their Hurricane Irma claims. Alternatively, many were denied or given less than accurate settlements. A denied insurance claim in Miami isn’t hard to find, especially if they are close to the water’s edge. Why were there so many denied, ignored, and inadequate settlements from last year’s storm?

How to Deal with a Denied Insurance Claim in Miami

Insurance officials say thousands of claims filed after Hurricane Irma were severely underpaid. Another fraction of the 900,000 claims was denied. Homeowners are usually confused when their insurance claims get turned down. However, understanding why this happens can help to avoid similar circumstances in the future.

One of the most substantial reasons homeowners have their claims denied is because they file for flooding under homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding, as flooding is an entirely separate policy. These terms can get confusing, as flooding can happen for multiple reasons. If a roof flies off a house during a storm, naturally, there will be flooding. However, the insurance company may see it as a simple flood case, and nothing more. It can be challenging to negotiate during stressful times, which is why a lawyer is recommended.

Additionally, claims are denied because of neglect. If a home or business has a leaky roof, the chances of there being a settlement are low. Insurance companies perform inspections to ensure that the area in question was sufficiently cared for before the storm. Having a yearly inspection is also recommended, as it keeps the home or business up to date.

The third mistake many Floridians make is not hiring Zipris LaValle PA right away. After the hurricane, thousands of individuals decided to carry out the claims process on their own, only to be left with a denied insurance claim in Miami. Zipris LaValle PA has attorneys and adjusters available to make sure that their clients get compensated fairly. When a claim has a professional pushing for fairness, insurance companies tend to pay more attention. If your hurricane claim was denied, don’t let another storm season pass by without a proper settlement. Call our experienced property damage attorneys today at 305 – 676 – 8906 to see how you can finally be paid!