2017 was a record year for devastating hurricanes in Florida. Nearly three-quarters of a million people filed insurance claims after Hurricane Irma. That includes almost 121,000 in Miami-Dade County. One-third of those were denied insurance claims in Miami.

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If you are a homeowner in Florida and you still have Irma damage, keep in mind that the upcoming hurricane season begins June 1! Be prepared for the next big storm by making sure your damage is fixed, and any outstanding home repairs are complete. If you need a more significant settlement to make repairs fast- call Zipris LaValle Public Adjusters.

While insurance companies were quite overwhelmed at the time, the experts at Zipris LaValle PA understand how, as a homeowner, it can be frustrating and stressful to wait for what is supposed to be guaranteed financial aid. Additionally, for the homeowners who were denied, we can understand that you may be fed up, but do not give up.

The experts at Zipris LaValle PA are here to assist any homeowner who is dealing with a denied insurance claim in Miami. We will look at your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure that it was adequately covered and properly handled. If there is any chance for a homeowner’s claim to be re-opened, we are the team to make it happen. We will also help document, litigate, settle, and negotiate so that you will not have to. If you are still waiting for an answer from your insurance company, or your claim is denied, please call Zipris LaValle PA today at (305) 899 – 2023.

To learn more about denied insurance claims in Miami, and if Zipris LaValle can help you, please watch the short video below.