One of the most frustrating elements of home insurance is when you actually need your insurance company, and yet, they seem nowhere to be found. This is hard for homeowners, especially in severe times of need. Homeowners are dependent and reliant on their policies they’ve set into place, but feeling as though one cannot fully rely is a terrifying. At Zipris LaValle, we encourage homeowners to hire a property claim lawyer. If you’re looking for more out of your home insurance claim in Miami, here are a few ways Zipris LaValle can assist.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is waiting until destruction takes place to view the policy. This is a mistake, as many individuals think that they are covered in areas where they are not. For example, many homeowners were victims of this when Hurricane Irma caused chaos across the state of Florida. Many were surprised to find out the flood insurance is an entirely new insurance on it’s own, leaving many families out of luck. At Zipris LaValle, our professional property claim lawyers can assist you with reviewing your policy, while helping your formulate the best plan of action.

Another big mistake that many homeowners make is not documenting the damages well enough, leaving insurance companies to believe that the damages are not as severe as they are. Our property claim lawyers will assist you in making sure that each and every piece of damage has been accounted for.

Yet, a third mistake is that many homeowners decide to start repairing after they’ve documented. This again, is a mistake for multiple reasons. The first is that the insurance company may want to have the area inspected. The second is that it is essential that all traces of the damages have been discovered. Sometimes, homeowners will repair the damages, only to find a few months down the road that the issue was not entirely taken care of.

At Zipris LaValle, we understand how overwhelming these matters are. In fact, only 10% of policyholders end up pursuing insurance companies for their maximum amounts, simply because of the frustration they are already feeling due to damages. Don’t be a victim of insurance delays, underpayment, or withholdings. Instead, call Zipris LaValle. We’ll help you back on your feet, fighting every step of the way on your behalf.